What’s Great About Working at GUFP

Building rewarding relationships is highly regarded in our company and particularly positive relationships with our employees... because we view their success as a key to our success! Our team’s longevity and our extremely low turn-over rate speak loudly about how our management teams are doing in this area.

We want to know what motivates and empowers our employees and what causes them to do their best work, so we ask them on regular basis. Here’s what they have to say:

Positive Work Environment

We are proud of the positive work environment we create for our employees and we look for ways to empower and motivate, while still creating a culture of respect and accountability. Our management team provides mentorship and they recognize those who go the extra mile and do their best work for GUFP.

Strong Work Ethic

Our entire team demonstrates a very strong work ethic and our customers benefit through our high-level responsiveness, our sense of urgency, our open communication, and how we always place their needs and objectives first.

Work-Life Balance

We strive to provide a work-life balance for those who work with us and recognize the value in this pursuit. We encourage employees to pursue their passions off the job—spending time with family and friends, doing activities they love, and pursuing personal hobbies and goals.

Career Advancement

One of the things we often hear from our employees is how much they appreciate our policy to whenever possible promote from within the company. Whenever we have an open position, the first place we look is to those who have a track record of performance and are committed to their own growth, as well as the organization’s growth.

Collaborative Teamwork

We have high expectations of those who join our team, but this is not only for our success, but for their success as well. You’ll be challenged to work smart and hard and develop your technical, problem-solving, communication, leadership and other applicable skills, and seek the best solutions for our customers.

Our management teams are talented, motivated, and very dedicated, but they also understand the need and value of a work-life balance and they pass this philosophy along to those they lead.

Positive Work Environment

Because we handle the entire life cycle of a fire protection system, we are continually looking for multi-talented, skilled, and committed candidates. Take a moment and check out our open positions at 701 W Grove Ave, Orange CA and explore our current career opportunities.

Position Location
Fire Sprinkler Fitter CA
Fire Sprinkler Apprentice and Trainees CA

I have been with GUFP for almost 11 years and love working for this company. They have been very good to me, starting when I was 20 years old not knowing anything about fire sprinklers, they have always been there to teach me. While there is always work, there is also time for laughs. The management make themselves available for questions and/or concerns showing that they care for the well being of the company and the employees. General Underground Fire Protection is my extended family and I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.